Angel Battles
Crypto Game

Angel Battles is a decentralized application built on the Ethereum blockchain. Collect angel, pet, and accessory cards to train, breed, and battle your way to the top of Mt. Zion, the global leaderboard. The marketplace connects players with the time, energy, skill and luck to develop powerful Angels and Pets with those who want to reach elite status as quickly as possible. Learn more!


A new angel card series will be released every 5 days for a total of 24 series. Once all are created there can never be any more cards created--Ever.
After that they can only purchased from others on the exchange.


Pets have Luck (set on creation) and Aura Power (gained by Training). Usage of these pets along with your angel will help increase your battle strength.


Accessories can make your team stronger in battle or give you an easier time attracting a wild pet.